Super Slot machine
Play Super-Slots

Super-Slots is probably the best traditional Slot Machine around.
Easy to play and learn with the Hold and Nudge features that we all know and love.
Will you hold out for a big win and will you nudge the right reels?


Group of seniors social networking
Play Matching Pairs

The traditional game of Matching Pairs that we all used to play with cards.
The difference here is that the cards have pictures on them and we can add more ganes as we go along. Any ideas or suggestions?
There is, of course, a High Score table to give you something to fight for!
Group of seniors social networking
Buzz50 Slots is a traditional slot machine game but with a lot of differences just for our site.
One of the many fun things about the Buzz50 Slots is that the reel images can change depending on what is going on at Buzz50 at the time!
There will also be 'Special Features' which will be announced from time to time.




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